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1 day ago on 09.15.14 ✖ 0 notes
Anonymous whispered:
‽ ✄ ☠


‽:An unpopular/unusual ship with my character that I love

Is my bias over Rubeus/Demando not clear enough.
It’s ridiculous, they started as ‘yeah Rubeus is kinda gay for his Prince I’m gonna make fun of him' ship and ended up as 'the second Black Moon OTP' in my book. :|

✄:Something about my portrayal that differs from others

Not ‘leader’-ish enough maybe, because I lack charisma and autority IRL and I still don’t know how to fake and write it.

☠:A popular fanon headcanon about my character that bugs me

That he was not in love with Usagi at all and only lusted over her.
Nope. Can’t see that.
Over Neo Queen Serenity, sure, but his feelings for Usagi are different - and real. 100% sure of that.

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Aladdin by Glen Keane

I aint wanna talk shit about glen keane. His work is really cute and theres obviously a reason he’s a legend. He is a great animator. What we remember him for, though, is his work on films with other peoples influences also present. Every time i see his sketches, or animation he made by himself I’m a bit underwhelmed and im reminded of the the fact that he works best as part of a team. When aspiring artists are in love with his stuff and imitate it and think hes the coolest im like.. ok.. you do you…. but have you seen richard williams’ work? Or bruce w smith? Like, glen keane is kinda oatmeal compared to milt kahl…….!

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I am the visual, the inspiration…

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Call me when Rubeus shows up.

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Sailor Moon Crystal: Blu-ray vs Stream

…I dunno how to feel about this…

On one hand I still think that’s very inexcusable with the whole “get the blue ray to get the more quality work,” it’s like if you went to the movie theater you got the unfinished version of the movie and would have to wait until you bought the DVD/Blue ray for it to at least look decent.

BUT on the other hand, it’s good that they at least did that.

BUT on the OTHER hand, the expressions and showing of emotion looks even WORSE than before! I’d rather keep the first three the same than have to look at the “o.o” that is in the blue ray version. The dead eyes creep me out. They break the illusion that these drawings have actual life in them thus missing the entire point of animation.

But nnawww, apparently girls can’t show a wide range of emotions. That’s too hard and they would look ugly. Like gosh dang it, I can see [Blue ray] Usagi’s lip gloss plastered on her face in the second comparison.

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do you sometimes just start reading fanfiction and you’re like


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I did a thing

This speaks to me.

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if a u can see a someone’s bra through their shirt do you care.  like do u really care.  it’s probably a hecka cute bra right and i bet they spent like 20 dollars on that bra.  maybe even 30 dollars idk.  don’t shun the bra appreciate the bra

It’s underwear. It’s not supposed to be seen


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it’s just. ferguson isn’t over. this shit won’t ever be over. but people have stopped reblogging, stopped posting, stopped raising awareness for this major event. people are still angry. i’m still angry. stay angry.

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do you ever look at a ship and think this is it, this is the one, this is the motherducking ship that’s ruined me for good and I will never ever be okay again


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